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The Millionaire Messenger
Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice
Brendon Burchard

JUN 25, 2011

Brendon Burchard is founder of Experts Academy, a business which serves the expert community. He suggests that everyone in business today has the potential to become an expert in their field and to share a million-dollar message with the world. The key to successfully monetizing what you know is to develop the right mindset, to follow the money map and to live by the millionaire messenger mandates. He also details the nine steps involved in building an expert empire.




Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You
John Warrillow

JUN 18, 2011
John Warrillow is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and angel investor. In this book, he points out manytimes business builders have a hard time selling a business which is too dependant on them as principals. To avoid becoming trapped in an unsellable business, entrepreneurs should follow an eight-step process:
1. Isolate the right product
2. Create cash flow cycle
3. Hire a sales team
4. Stop selling other stuff
                                    5. Create long-term incentives for managers
                                    6. Find a good broker
                                    7. Tell your managers your plans
                                    8. Convert offers into binding deals



A New Route to Long-Term Investment Success
Joel Greenblatt

JUN 11, 2011
Business school professor and institutional money manager Joel Greenblatt in this book details a long-term investment strategy which outperforms index funds, mutual funds and all other strategies. He suggests investing in a value-weighted index fund and explains what that is and why it will generate superior returns over the long haul. If you utilize the value-weighted index investment strategy, you will have a substantial and sustainable advantage over professional money managers. This is a very savvy approach to investing.


Seven Customer Service Strategies to Create
an Amazing Customer Experience

Shep Hyken

JUN 4, 2011
Shep Hyken, author of The Cult of the Customer, owns a consulting
firm which specializes in customer service strategies. In this book,
he suggests you today have to continue to amaze your customers
to be commercially viable. He proposes and then details seven
specific amazement strategies which can be used:
                                    (1) Membership   (2) Serious FUN --- Fulfillment, Uniqueness & Next
                                    (3) Partnership   (4) Personality   (5) Reminders
                                    (6) Community   (7) Walk the walk


The Breakthrough Strategy For Energizing Your
Organization and Creating Accountability For Results

Roger Connors and Tom Smith

MAY 28, 2011
Roger Connors and Tom Smith are highly acclaimed leadership trainers and management consultants. They note for every organization, the way its people think and act --- the organization's culture --- drive the results which get generated. If you want to change your results for the better, you first have to change your culture for the better. The most effective type of culture possible isa culture of accountability. They offer practical and usable ideas on how you can go about changing the culture of your organization for the better.