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For the past fifteen years, Summaries.Com has been publishing 8-page executive summaries
of the world's best business books. Summaries.Com has now published almost 700 business
book summaries --- which equates to more than 5,600 pages of condensed business information.


Books summarized include:
• Biographies of interesting business personalities and successful corporations
• Motivational and business self-help books
• Books about investment strategies including real estate, stock market and more
• Practical hands-on business books which detail how to get things done
• Books on all the latest management ideas, theories, best practices and more
• Creative thinking books on lateral thinking, innovation,  and other creativity themes
• Books about e-commerce, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer
• The best sales and marketing books ever assembled
• Books which capture emerging business trends, future consumer ideas and so forth